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 Tranquility is compatible with all versions of Microsoft

Tranquility is a currently free unique software application that begins for you a new world of audio entertainment for your Windows PC.  With over 400 MB of sound files, including 175 birds ? You can create and paint audio landscapes.  Play complex rivers and stream sounds or play hundreds of bird sounds right out of the box.  Tranquility also can show a picture when a certain sound plays.  Sound playback is unique in Tranquility in that YOU control the probability of each sound if you want or you can set a master probability control - make your living room sound like Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds soundtrack if you want - IF you can handle it.  

Allowing you to import your own sounds and pictures this program will grow with you.  Import pictures of family members and loved ones and assign their actual voice to remind you of them.  Turn up the probability of playback for Grandpa's famous sayings you recorded at the last family picnic.  Use it as a foreign language learning tool.   Create a downtown city street in your very own living room or ? Perhaps a quiet orchard with the calm relaxing sound of a country stream.  Import ocean sounds and go to sleep to the waves.  For a limited time Suntelia is offering this program for free.

Create your own audio ambience Environments with slide shows

Tranquility can also update itself to download all the current sounds and images offered through Suntelia Software  including many original sound and image works by Suntelia Software.   A single 4 MB installation can update itself to currently over 400 MB of audio and visual data, including over 70 premade Environments to listen to right out of the box.   You can of course choose to download the larger most up to date version of Tranquility but it is a large file (400+ MB).