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Tranquility Features

Tranquility is a software application that allows you to listen to music sounds in a new way according to probability of playback.   Images can be assigned to the sounds.   Users can import their own images and sounds to create new Environments granting endless possibilities for use.   sofoy :)

Create you own audio ambience Environments with slide shows

Tranquility can also update itself to download all the current sounds and images offered through Suntelia Software  including many original sound and image works by Suntelia Software.   A single 4 MB installation can update itself to currently over 400 MB of audio and visual data, including over 70 premade Environments to listen to right out of the box.

“After creating a few new sound environments of my own I really enjoy the change this program has brought me at work and at home.  For as many people at work who have asked me about this program  I only wish I could get a commission.” - Tranquility Beta Tester

"I'm really surprised that in the year 2010  finally we get a new way to experience audio clip playback controlled by sound specific probability rules.  I am not sure any human being should experience all of the birds turned on with master probability slider to high." - Tranquility Beta Tester

"I was really impressed with being able to have an image show when a particular sound is played, this has broad educational potential from anything to foreign language study packs to learning just what bird makes that sound !" - Tranquility Beta Tester

"Perhaps the best application I installed this year, and I really wish I had this application earlier - I can play sounds layered with nature as background, and my family in foreground (through probability assignments) on the train coming home from work.  " - Tranquility Beta Tester